Information about your Linux system distribution

It’s not always easy to look for your Linux distribution name and version. Sometimes you will need those information because you are asked, for example on a support forum to resolve your problems.

There are a few simple and useful commands that will help you for this.

Distribution name and version

This command will be helpful to find the distribution name and it’s version like Debian X, Fedora X, Ubuntu X, etc.

Kernel version

If  you want to find your Linux kernel version, use this command

To cut and keep only the version number in your custom script, you could use this:

CPU details

If you need information about your microprocessor. With this command you’re going to have details for each CPU core.

Memory information

If you need to display details about your memory hardware, use this

Hard Drive information

To display HDD specifications, use this command

To check and display free space remaining

 Network information

You can display network settings only in root permissions.

PCI Bus information

lspci is a command that prints detailed information about all PCI buses and devices in the system.



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