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Remove old kernel debian version

After a Debian upgrade, you still have to cleanup the mess like removing the old kernel.

For example I upgraded from Wheezy to Jessie and now I have two different kernels.

My current kernel, the one we don’t want to remove is

Run the purge command with the version you want to remove

A grub generation file should be generated after the purge. If this doesn’t happen, use the command

It’s done.

Your boot menu should have changed and old kernel version should have disappeared.

Update from wheezy to jessie

This is a note I use to update my Debian Wheezy to Jessie correctly.

First, update your current wheezy system and make backups if you care about your data.

Then, you have to replace all wheezy references by Jessie in your sources.list file

Mine is like that after the above command


You can now start updating to Jessie. Reload packages list and start upgrade with these commands again

During the upgrade process, you will be asked if you want to remove “root” login permission. Be careful if it’s your only user because you won’t be able to log with “root” anymore.

Take your time to analyze conflicts that could appear between old and new config files. If you don’t care at the moment, just pause installation and keep a backup of old config file and you remember that you have to check it afterward.

I know changes I’ve made to my /etc/bash.bashrc file so I’ll check it later after upgrade.

After everything is finished without any issue, you can restart your server