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Make your Drupal 7 faster by removing all revisions

Maybe you were in the same case as me. I got a big database full of revision rows in every revision table with their usefulnessofmeter beyond zero. In fact, I’m pretty sure revisions are not needed in 99.999% Drupal installation.

So, I tried to remove them by disabling the create a revision default option in my content type settings but it didn’t change anything. When you check the database manually, you can see every field has it’s own revision table. If you install the field_collection module, every collections and their fields have a revision table too. I got millions of revisions in some tables for just a few nodes. It was hell. Read More →

Learn Ruby programming language by playing a fun game : Ruby Warrior

I played a really cool game to learn Ruby syntax in a funny way! :D You should try it.

Just control and be a player by typing some Ruby code lines.

It was great to improve myself in loops, conditions, method declaration syntaxes.

Even if I liked the music, at lease the first two minutes ‘-_- , you can disable it top-left of your screen.

Be a Ruby Warrior now ! ;)

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