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How quickly send a mail with a Drupal module ?

You made a PHP script associated to a Drupal module and you want to be alerted of custom special events or big fails

In your module file, just implement the hook_mail() like this : Read More →

Create a node content type programmatically

If you’re a new Drupal user, you may have already created a fresh content type manually to organize your site correctly. But what happens if you want to create this content type with your module installation and don’t want to do it manually each type you install it on a new website ?. Here is how to create a content type programmatically with Drupal 7.  Read More →

Add taxonomy with custom fields programmatically

Taxonomies are very useful in Drupal when you need to organize your content but sometimes the default and available fields are not enough. Here is an example how you can add some to you taxonomy vocabulary.

If you want to create a taxonomy from a PHP script, here is what you could do: Read More →

How to change default properties on custom drupal type nodes ?

If you want to set some default properties on your freshly created custom node type on Drupal, you have to use variable_set syntax like this:

In your <my_custom_module_name>.install file, add these lines according to what you need to set.

If you want a language to be set by default, use this:

  • 0 – Disabled
  • 1 – Enabled
  • 2 – Enabled with translation (core’s translation.module – TRANSLATION_ENABLED)
  • 4 – Enabled, with field translation (entity_translation.module – ENTITY_TRANSLATION_ENABLED) Read More →

Nginx Update failed on debian

I had a little problem with Debian that didn’t want to restart after an update. Of course, no site were working.

I had this message log:

nginx created a new file : /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

I just renamed it to default.old so it takes mine instead of the default one and it works again !

Hope it helped you !